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    The way things are done now, you know it’s almost pointless levelling up an attacking/defending skill when a merc with no talent for it chances to get a 3, since probably most of the rolls will be just 1 or 2, and then you’ll wish you’d levelled up other things for which there was more talent. Conversely, if there’s a 2- or 3-star talent for an attacking/defending skill, you know exactly or almost exactly what you’ll get each time, and then you almost have to level-up those traits every time and keep neglecting all the other traits, so that you end up with unrealistically unbalanced characters, whose shortcomings have to be compensated by other, equally unbalanced characters. I don’t want to level-up the same traits every time for any character, but currently you’re almost forced to do so when there are three strong talents.

    Why not do it thus:

    No talent = 1-3 or 1-4 or 1-5 (from 1 to one less than the absolute max)
    1-star = 2-3 or 2-4 or 2-5 (from 2 to one less than the absolute max)
    2-stars = 2-4 or 3-5 or 4-6 (maybe the absolute max or maybe one or two lower)
    3-stars = 3-4 or 4-5 or 5-6 (either the absolute max or one lower)

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    this is a very complex and at the same time an important question. I have always believed that the allocation of points to the level should depend on the successful actions of a particular soldier in combat. and figure should depend on the background of the character, related characteristics (for example, the more endurance fighter the higher the chance for a maximum roll of m. def and so on) It has long been proposed at the forum. Unfortunately when perks tree was reworked this not been implemented. The system of talent (stars) is slightly corrected starting completely random (and not very good – let’s face it) system. However, it is clear that further significant changes will not be – this can not be done after the introduction of the main mechanics – too much will have to redo.

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    I think, actually, it would be fine if (quite simply) 2-stars talent meant a roll of 2-4 (for melee attack/defence and ranged defence) or 3-5 (almost all the others) or 4-6 (initiative), rather than always 3/4/5. That way, the average would be the same as now, but it would still be less predictable and you’d be more inclined to take a high roll for something else when you only get a 2 for one of the melee/defence skills. I agree, though, that the current way is better than it being utterly random like before.

    Another thing is that it would be better if you could level up 4 attributes each time, since being able to improve less than half of them each time is another thing that almost forces un-balance.

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