Reply To: [Beta patch] Allow us to see recruit's stats for god's sake…

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There is no right or wrong here, because its all personal opinion, but just because 1 player really hates it and thinks its wasting his time (like playing games is not time wasting), is not really a reason for the devs to change it. 1 of the loading screen text even says that ironman is how the game is ment to be played. The whole game is hardcore and random, with the permanent wounds and battle brothers dieing, so if you can´t enjoy the game for what it is, then keep save scumming or if it really ruines it for you then just play something else. They could put it into options and it would be fine but saying “its dumb, them making you waste your time and you won´t play by their rules, save scumming (soft cheating)” is not how you get them to change it. The game is ment to be hard and i personally like that, i play expert but not with ironman, so i also save scum if battle goes to hell, but instead of wanting devs to make it easier for me so i waste less time on loading, im happy that i even have the option of saveing and loading.
Thou +1 pump for the idea about rumors for recruits, it should not be accurate and give info on only thous recruits who have been in town for somet im or something.
Made this post because i feel the game is great, and if the devs start change it the way some players want, who want easier gameplay, would make the game lesser. Putting it as optional might be okey but it opens a door to next whiners, like the saying “give a finger, lose a hand”. In the end its up to the devs.