Reply To: [Beta patch] Allow us to see recruit's stats for god's sake…

Avatar photobeatsbury

Let’s say you’re mercenary company captain in medieval world and you go to market square to hire some new blood. You walk up to one of recruits and ask him what can he do, what is he good at. What can he say? “I’m that proficient with ranged weapons and this proficient with melee”? Proficient compared to whom? How can you know man’s proficiency when he’s a mere peasant and never ever done merc work?
I’d understand the demand for being able to see all stats beforehead if BB was some sci-fi game set in future (you know, technologies and all) but not in this setting. Never in this setting.
It is ideal as it is now. You can tell something about some of the men you’re recruiting by their nicknames (a man can be famous or infamous for only one thing) and their background. That’s MORE than enough.