Reply To: [Beta patch] Allow us to see recruit's stats for god's sake…

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I’d laught if the stats can be known only after first battle.

Oh this would be so good ?

In the end. The only way to test someone is… testing someone. If there are no barracs, the only way to know is putting him in battle.

Guys (last 3 replies) youre just reiterating arguments that were already made (months ago).

You play this game in a certain way and you like a certain specific setting and challenge and atmosphere. Thats cool i get it. I dont wanna change your game for you, in fact how you play it is really none of my concern.

Im simply asking for an option to do something differently. If you dont approve, then dont use it. There is no need to take dump all over it either way.

Im agree. All of us plays its own way and its ok. We are just mumbling and sharing opinions.

I’d specially like the idea of the barman saying something like “Otto? I heard he can shot a wolf in the eye” (high marksman skill) or “the only one who keep laughting since THAT battle” (higher resolve skill).

Other option is add a new building, so you can pay a fee to test your recruits before hiring them, and have a general sense of what you are hiring (but not 100% accurate). But thats also difficult as will get REKT of the actual system.

What about if recruiting in little villages is cheaper but you cant get any info, but recruiting in big cities and fortress is more expensive but you have more info about the recruits?

Anyway, any of these systems (or any other that comes to mind) I bet is a lot of work on something actually implemented.

Anyway, these discussions and others are an indication of how good this game is. I hope they let us mod it, so we all can have the plentifull experience we all want.

Off topic: in my case, i wouldn’t mind some kind of Faith character, involving morale, resolve and so mechanics. They said they wont implement any kind of magic for the Bros to use, but some faith could be a boost even to stamina.