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Avatar photoIeuan Mawr

I’ve tried naming my companies to fit in with the setting using German words, relating to banner imagery and borrowing from Norse mythology. The names have been: Bruderschaft (Brotherhood), The War Shafts (three axe banner) and my current play through is with The Right Hand of Tyr (Tyr was the Norse god of justice who’s right hand will be bitten off by Fenrir at Ragnarok).

When the game is released I’ll revisit my first band who sadly fell foul of the fact my save games apart from auto-save don’t work. In a land of Norse, Angles, Saxons and Jutes, Y Rhyfelwyr (The Warriors) will be a band of boyos out for revenge and beer money.

I’ve also had some fun messing with the pregenerated script. I called one band ‘the size of an orange’ leading to lines such as “Cap’n, no one really knows about the size of an orange yet…”