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    Post your new Company’s name and a brief background!

    Company: The Sunken Templars
    Story: Returning from their 5 years of Crusading together, these three brothers were sunken off the coast of Split and lost all posessions. Now they are striving to rebuild and reinvent themselves

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    Company: White Wolf Company (RIP)
    Story: Two deserters (If I remember) and one other dude banded together to earn some coin the violent way :)
    Ending: Ended with the knight Wendel got cut down fighting Orcs while defending a town. He was the lone survivor after his company got wiped out earlier by a band of Orc warriors that had terrorized the country side for a while.

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    Company: The Loyal Comrades
    Story: Two Beggars and a Vagabond starting their own mercenary company with nothing but sackcloth tunics and one knive to share.
    By now most orc raiders will tremble in fear when they see the Comrades’ Banner flying :)

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    A disowned noble and his disgruntled comrades, set out to prove they were wrongly disowned…

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    Compagnie Noire / Black Company
    Honor to Glen Cook

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    Company: The Pale Moon Company
    Story: A beggar, a bowyer and a deserter go adventuring. They meet Eberold the Gentle (this is ironic, he’s a brute!) and Carsten a historian. Low on men, but with quite superp equipment, they fight orcs, bandits and undead. Many died, many lived, and now the Pale Moon Company is known across the land.
    So far they haven’t met their master yet.

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    Company: Grey Guard
    Story: Two Hunters a Servant and a drunken Farmer meet in a brothel and start a small mercenary group. The Roads are very dangerous, they have to fight werewolves orcs and undead and they often survive only because the terrain and land itself seems to protect them. They gather new brothers, a lot of them weak, and some of them die. Buit the Survivers become stronger and now the orcs and undead and bandits start to fear the battlecry of the Grey Guard. And they run or die on their spears and arrows.

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    Company: The Exiled Ones
    Story: A Eatless Servant , a Gipsy Juggler and a Disloyal Gravedigger ( All for gold hehehe ) begins a journey to make pay all the robbers , evil hordes and wild beastmens around the whole country , with a harsh beginning the 3 founding memebers meet some partners in the city of Albstadt , they begin making minor errands like give some messages and escorting some caravans , gathering up gold and finding some ancients ruins. They managed to stay alive until now…..

    PD: A Photo of the Heroes!

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    Hello everyone on the forum ! First post here.

    So, my company is… “The Bear lovers”, because they are a bunch of hairy guys loving adventure together :p

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    Iron Sword Company
    created by ex-Militia man,Deserter and a caravan guard.
    Named their company as a joke since iron weapons its all they could afford at start.

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    The Golden Blade is the name of mine. Gold and blades well there isn’t much more to add i guess :)

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    The Roughnecks :D

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    Crown Makers. A wordplay of sort.

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    Wolf brigade (RIP at the first day by werewolf band)
    Shadows (“main” playthrought”)
    Brotherhood of Steel (created when the max lvl crash was active)

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