Reply To: How to Report Bugs

Avatar photoTucker

1. Describe the bug and how it happened: What did you do before and while it appeared?
I’ve got a recurring crash bug that happens about twice an hour. Occasionally when I mouse over something I get an error message with a file path to the tool-tip of the thing I moused over and a recommendation to update my graphics drivers if this happens repeatedly at game start (which I have and it doesn’t), then the game crashes. This also seems to sometimes happen when I open the character menu. It seems to happen at random times.

2. Is it reproducible? Can you intentionally make it appear?
Not reliably, but it seems to happen more when I mouse over things and open and close menus.

3. Attach a screenshot if possible.
This being a unreliable crash bug makes that tricky. It’s just a black screen with an error message anyway.

Requested files are attached.