Reply To: How about a soft level cap

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So. we all understand that the developers at the finish line. That is why I will try once again to suggest them the next thing, that will not require a lot of work, or in art or programming.
The issue of the 11 level cup is very complex, and equally important. It’s a shame to realize that your veteran will never be a better fighter of some mercenary only because of the background of that mercenary is swordmaster. Adding a new level is a lot of work in the balance, new perks and perhaps even in the mechanics of enemies. It is unlikely.
I suggest. Add appearing positive traits for veteran , which will be available (not necessary, but possible) to get to the level of 11. Meaning: you get some special trait, depending on how much you have improved a mercenary in a certain direction. For example, you persistently up archer – he can get the ability to eagle view or trait on +10 initiative, where both characteristics are improved highly. Soldier that up in HP and endurance can get a strong trait or iron lungs. You do not even have to do something special – everything is already in the game, just to add some scripts)
As always, sorry my googleEnglish )