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    Avatar photoThe Black Knight

    So the background to this idea is that at level 11 my favorite sellswords stop getting better in any way except by gear or very lucky events.

    I understand the level cap – it’s needed to make perks like Gifted, Backstabber and Anticipation matter. Without a cap you could simply outlevel their usefulness.

    But the problem here is that a hard cap kills any sense of progress and I doubt that the farmhand I hired 150 days ago, learned everything there is to know about combat in that short span of time.

    So to keep the sense of progress going, my suggestion would be the introduction of a soft level cap instead of a hard one at level 11.

    How should this look ?

    Of course you can’t keep giving your sellswords 3 picks per level anymore, because of the aforementioned reasons. My idea would be that each level after 11 costs the same amount of xp as going from 10-11, and is repeatable from there on. The difference will be in the stat gain from there on:

    * You no longer gain another perk after level 11
    * You can no longer raise 3 skills but only 1.
    * The stat growth could be between 1-4, depending on your talents. Non talents = 1 pt, 1 star = 2 pts, 2 stars = 3 pts, 3 stars 4 pts

    This is just a suggestion, giving 3 star skills a 4 pt growth after level 11 might be a bit too overwhelming. Another option would be to allow 1 pt for normal skills and 2 pts for talent skills, but no longer making any different between 1/2/3 stars.


    One of your sellswords hits level 11. Then he survives long enough to get sufficient xp to hit level 12 (which is the same cost as from 10-11). He does not get a new perk at 12, but he can invest another point into one of his skills. His melee skill has 2 stars, so he decides to rise this skill by another 3 points.


    For me, as a player, this would add a sense of progress after hitting level 11 and make it more enjoyable to continue using my level capped sellswords. Hitting the level cap currently feels so final – after that there is nowhere to go for your sellswords and they usually end up being sidelined until getting replaced by a new recruit with better starting talents and skills.

    Considering the hordes of opponents you have to face later on, it would not feel wrong to be able to train true legends of battle.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I like the general idea, but I’d prefer it if, early on, you could increase a higher number of attributes at each level up than is currently the case, with the number gradually decreasing over time – e.g.:

    – Levels 1-3: perk + 5 attribute increases
    – Levels 3-5: perk + 4 attribute increases
    – Levels 5-7: perk + 3 attribute increases
    – Levels 7-9: perk + 2 attribute increases
    – Levels 9-11: perk + 1 attribute increase
    – Levels 11-13: perk OR 1 attribute increase
    – Levels >13: 1 attribute increase

    Avatar photoOrthega

    I don’t dislike the idea of a soft level cap, but I think the devs went for hard cap to reinforce the low-fantasy, hard-life theme of the game.

    The way I see this, having a hard level cap means every soldier (being normal humans) has his limits, and that your veteran 11th level farmer, the one you hired at the start of the game despite him not really being that talented for mercenary life cause you couldn’t afford better, has not the same potential of your new expensive sellsword recruit, despite being stronger thanks to his experiences.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    So. we all understand that the developers at the finish line. That is why I will try once again to suggest them the next thing, that will not require a lot of work, or in art or programming.
    The issue of the 11 level cup is very complex, and equally important. It’s a shame to realize that your veteran will never be a better fighter of some mercenary only because of the background of that mercenary is swordmaster. Adding a new level is a lot of work in the balance, new perks and perhaps even in the mechanics of enemies. It is unlikely.
    I suggest. Add appearing positive traits for veteran , which will be available (not necessary, but possible) to get to the level of 11. Meaning: you get some special trait, depending on how much you have improved a mercenary in a certain direction. For example, you persistently up archer – he can get the ability to eagle view or trait on +10 initiative, where both characteristics are improved highly. Soldier that up in HP and endurance can get a strong trait or iron lungs. You do not even have to do something special – everything is already in the game, just to add some scripts)
    As always, sorry my googleEnglish )

    Avatar photogepardowaty

    Or just add the option to take down the level cap(and disable achievements for that run)
    Game might become unbalanced, but that’s personal preference for someone interested, right? I see absolutely nothing wrong with having such options in my games.

    Avatar photoThe Black Knight

    Just read today’s update – this is just what I (we) wanted. Great work devs, thanks !!

    Avatar photoNed Stark

    Excellent work devs!

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