Reply To: Option to accelerate the game

Avatar photoWargasm

Yeah. I agree. There are so many great aspects to the game that make me want to keep playing for prolonged periods of time (sometimes the greater part of several days on end), but, the more I play, the more frustrated I also become with the few monotonous/annoying aspects of the game, of which this is one. It’s not the squandering of resources that I mind; it’s just the continual going slowly back and forth around the same sequences of settlements, once the greater part of the map is revealed, looking for non-graveyard/caravan 3-skull contracts and/or level-4/5 recruits and/or rare items for sale. Sometimes, if you’re lucky with map generation, this isn’t so much of a problem, since there may be lots of ports all around the world which you can use to get wherever you want in a short amount of time.

Another annoying thing: when you enter a settlement for the first time in a while and spot a level-5 recruit or a rare item that costs a high proportion of your current crowns, and you think “I’ll just go and ransack settlement A or fulfil contract B first, and then come back to recruit/buy after selling off a new lot of loot”, but then you come back a day or so later and the recruit/item has already disappeared. Soo irritating and a good incentive to not use ironman mode!