Reply To: Option to accelerate the game

Avatar photoactionjack

I want to agree, but also disagree.
When I first played, I also wonder why there aren’t a fast travel option, much like the camping-time-speed-up. But the more played, it feel more as part of the game, in which it elevate the risk-and-reward aspect of it (the cost and the time are like chips you put on the table).

As a game, I feel should allow a option for people to turn it on and off. But should also have a “true-game mode”, where the setting are set to how the dev would intend you to play.

However, I feel one part that could enhance more is the information and the tavern/bar tender interaction. Could add more information like what nearby town is asking (and how to better deal with negotiation), difficulties, if a rare item or hire appears, if a change in market demand of particular goods, etc.