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I managed to squeeze in these hats, yay!


I hope, one will be able to hear the bells jingle every time a merc/unit with the juggler’s/jester’s hat moves a tile. ^^

Every time a head, protected by that hat, is hit, it should also jingle.

I do like the special hats like the Straw Hat and the Cultist Hood that provide more personality than the regular headgear usual for war. Now the problem is that those hats do not provide the protection to make them a viable choice later on.
That is why I loved how you guys created a Cultist Hood’s version for midgame. I would also love, if you could do the same for the Straw Hat and now the Fool’s Cap(Jester Hat), too.
Could you paint a version of the Straw Hat that does have a metal helmet underneath, similar to what you did with this hat?

Additionally, could you also paint a/several unique version(s) of the Fool’s Cap (with a metal helmet underneath for lategame) that can have different facemasks each depicting a different mood(like the ones you already painted for the mood mechanic) e.g. euphoric, angry, sad?

Maybe these serve as a good source of inspiration:

Perhaps someone even went so far and just attached real donkey ears to a helmet or just wears the skin of a donkey’s head on top of his helmet.