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Send this post I was forced by my reverent attitude to this game.
I did a stupid thing – read the topic ” Help us balance the game” in Steam. And I felt restless. Danger. Dark. It’s coming!. Casual gamers and console “four buttons people” get to our game. They ask nerf wolves, then the goblins, then Orcs and Raiders… what’s next? Nerf Thugs? Remove injury, enter immortality, first aid kits, battlefield healers for mana?
Christof, Paul and Jan, I implore you to Odin and Thor, Perun and Cthulhu. Stay strong, make YOUR game. Not for all, but for best.
Of course, a little too much epic in this post, but I think you understand me )
Sincerely, Bear and something about twenty other subs based on discussions with friends and acquaintances – buyers of your game.