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    Avatar photoRusBear

    You know guys, I bought your game for a long time. When it had not filed a hope to grow into something more than funny figures). And I’ve never regretted it. Of course we all want something special and not all that we (players) want has the opportunity to be in the game. But I would like to say a special thank you for the information in the last blog. What you did not hurry with the release for the sake of short-term profits … it deserves respect. This is a rare act of real men and people enthusiastic about their work.
    I want you to know – you have a 100% buyer any DLC you ever want to release.

    Yours respectfully, RusBear.

    Avatar photoRap

    Appreciated :)

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    Avatar photoEnglishInfidel

    I second this guy, BB is one of my favourite games of all time. And I’m not exaggerating. It’s totally addictive and you can both play for a little while or while you watch something on TV or the internet, or totally focus when the hard battles come and really throw all your focus at it.

    It’s tactically simple and at the same time really complex, the phrase “easy to play, but hard to master” feels very appropriate.

    I have been wanting a game with realistic shield wall fighting all my life, and this is probably the closest I’ve ever seen. For that fact alone this game is amazing.

    Anyway, enough swooning, great game devs.

    Avatar photoQuentinW

    The game really is crazy good.

    Count me in for any future DLCs!

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    Avatar photoWolfgang

    I’ve been playing BB for the past week, and I’m having a blast!

    The game has that perfect blend of simple mechanics but complex strategy.

    And the art is wonderful! The devs should take as long as they need to finish it, without rushing.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Send this post I was forced by my reverent attitude to this game.
    I did a stupid thing – read the topic ” Help us balance the game” in Steam. And I felt restless. Danger. Dark. It’s coming!. Casual gamers and console “four buttons people” get to our game. They ask nerf wolves, then the goblins, then Orcs and Raiders… what’s next? Nerf Thugs? Remove injury, enter immortality, first aid kits, battlefield healers for mana?
    Christof, Paul and Jan, I implore you to Odin and Thor, Perun and Cthulhu. Stay strong, make YOUR game. Not for all, but for best.
    Of course, a little too much epic in this post, but I think you understand me )
    Sincerely, Bear and something about twenty other subs based on discussions with friends and acquaintances – buyers of your game.

    Avatar photoarteofwar

    I agree with the bear, and anyone who likes this game should consider the supporters edition or upgrade. If you have a friend you want to surprise maybe even consider sending it as a gift. At the very least tell others because this game is certainly a treasure and I think not enough people who would like a game like this know about it.

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