Reply To: Necrosavant Rework Needed

Avatar photoRusBear

if you let me choose to fight against 6 necrosavants or 6 orc warriors, i choose 6 necrosavants.

fighting necrosavants i may lose some low lvl characters, as they have lower every states normally, but the orc warriors generally could kill one or two my main brothers.

if the necrosavants have daggers in their hands, then that will be the true disaster.

I am sorry, but you totally wrong. There are more important objectively factors.
1. enemy with overcharge def and OP weapons – in game mechanic this may not be lucky to get a lot of times in a row and you’re dead.
2. Teleport, ignore the spearwall and zones of control, high initiative … it is strange that the developers did not add them all to a new perk Overhelm
3. Lack of morality and endurance.
4. Vapirizm, nine lives
Need somthing else?
I’m not against challenging enemies I am against such of their number and the lack of “reward” for it.