Reply To: Necrosavant Rework Needed

Avatar photoKuroi_Kaze

They usually have low helth at start of battle, so they should be of highest priority from the start. They are really hard to hit, so spears are good option against em, dogs also do very vell, they can chase em around the battlefield and hit them preatty often. Archers and arbalesters sure are useless and easy targets, just leave them in reserve. And, I may be wrong, but I think that they can’t teleport on low hp when they look like a dried corpse. The main problem with them is that “bite” attack. It deals insane damage and maybe is even unblocable, none of my guys could dodge it even once. But, again, they usually don’t use it at the start of battle. So, for me, battle with them is kind of race, if you manage destroy them before they get hp you are ok, if not, yep, things can get ugly. And about that 10, I fought them at ~100 day, so I had high lvls and decent equipment, fighting them without at least haulbercs on most of your guys is bad idea.