Reply To: Wizard needs tools badly

Avatar photomrbunnyban

I find tools are not that much of a problem if you are picky about which looted items you repair before selling. Most of the low-quality armor and weapons are not worth it anyway, so I just sell them exactly as I find them. That leaves most of the supply for the items that your brothers use.

Might also have something to do with my generally defensive playstyle – means less armor damage to repair after each battle.

regardless of relationship w/ faction or town, markets will only give you a fraction of the value

The prices actually become more favourable as your rep with that particular town improves. It’s also generally better to do your shopping in bigger settlements. A final hint: if you’re not pressed for cash keep the most valuable stuff in your inventory until you come upon a city with “Ambushed trading routes” status – their stuff costs more to buy, but the also pay more for yours.

Oooh, good tips. Thanks for that.