Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoSarissofoi

All this is easily solved by a bonus in percentage to the resolve in cheks for each brother’s level. The higher the level – then higher the percentage. For example : for the second level +5% for the third +7 and so on (the figures are easily adjusted). Then higher the level and the base resolve, the greater the bonus. It is logical, normal, does not break the importance of the resolve and is easily programmed. Everything can be done, just would be a desire.

That is actually not bad idea.
Maybe like +5 flat bonus to defensive rolls on 4th level, 10 flat bonus on 8th level and 15 flat bonus on 12th level? By defensive rolls I mean rolls on contact by nearby enemy But not against mind control or direct hits.

Better back some death for retreat option in battle. I already see a lot of fake “ironmens” and a lot abuse for Monolit or Goblin city.

Yeah I agree. Currently it can be easily abused for relatively low cost.

Anyway few more things.

Let player have access to inventory before combat so he can dress up mercs or change formation.
Another things is to give some basic information at last what kind of enemy are hiding in the ruins. Scouting is just to time consuming or risky and losing time or men because you bring spears to skeleton fight is not nice or funny.