Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

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Anyway few more things.

Let player have access to inventory before combat so he can dress up mercs or change formation.
Another things is to give some basic information at last what kind of enemy are hiding in the ruins. Scouting is just to time consuming or risky and losing time or men because you bring spears to skeleton fight is not nice or funny.

This would help so much. I usually always change troops or weapons before I go into battle, so this would only really help me when I sped up and go from city A to B without paying much attention or during caravan quests where I am sometimes simply too slow to hit space in time.
As for spears, I don’t use them anymore at all. Really great for early game and early midgame but aside from that they became pretty pointless in most fights. Simply not enough damage, on top comes this undead being resistant against pointy things. Even my dedicated spearwaller has a sword in his bag for once his wall gets broken and he is sitting 95% of the time in reserve.

Also scouting information would be really great. If I face goblins or bandits I don’t need sarge and can level a new guy instead but since there can also be geists in ruins I usually even run with 2 sarges just as a precaution.