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Avatar photomrbunnyban

Troll? I’m not a new member. Anyway, I don’t mean the features, but about how people feel that it plays compared to the old version – how it’s changed. Anyone still around that played the older builds?

I am. The game is great! Took quite a bit of getting used to though: some of the older members wailed over how deadly enemy ranged fire is now haha. A lot of creatures are a lot more deadly than some folks remember them (*cough* necrosavants *cough*)… but personally I think the balance is fine. I play on expert. After all, if you meet something you’re not ready to deal with, retreating no longer kills any brothers, just gives everyone not on the edges an injury.

The only thing I think is truly ridiculous is groups of Nachez-thingies (formally known as ghouls) that have too many level 3s. At level 3 they have a swallow whole attack that always hits.

Some rules changes are in that I cannot quite recount em all for you here. Apparently, your ranged bros now avoid hitting their buddies who are directly in front of them (something like shooting over their shoulder I guess).

Trickiest thing imo is permanent loss of settlements during 2 out of the 3 crisis which can scuttle campaigns if too many are gone.