Reply To: Allow player to manually lower renown equivalent.

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Difficulty of contracts, non-contract locations and roaming parties scales differently. Contract difficulty scales with time, the strength of your roster, the difficulty rating (skulls), the type of contract, and some factors specific to the type of contract – for example, escort contracts are generally more difficult the longer you travel, as it increases the chance to run into enemies. Contract reward also scales with the difficulty rating (skulls) of contracts, which is why it offers some indication as to the contract difficulty.

Artificially stunting your renown growth will only have you earn less money for contracts, but it won’t make them any easier.

Thanks man, I really appreciate you answering here.
I would like to know what affects the “strength” of our roster though. Do the guys in reserve count? Does equipment count?
I am really curious, because on the worldmap I encounter bands of 20+ raiders with leader + hedge knight and master archer or swordsman and even the 3-skull contracts only send me against 1-2 leaders max. Very rarely a hedge knight.

Also there are a lot of people complaining that they get killed by roaming troops like necrosavants very early in the game. So maybe this is the actual balancing “problem”.