Reply To: Stopping a way to cheat Ironman

Avatar photoMike

Seriously, what’s with people asking the devs for solutions to their own personal issues?

There is NO way to prevent people from cheating in a game, as any competitive (or not) online player will attest to. The most that can be done is to make it inconvenient/complicated/punishing enough that most people won’t find it feasible, and even then you need to constantly monitor the situation, because some people will never stop trying, if only for the s*its and giggles.

At least with online titles there is a good reason to put that effort to it, as cheaters spoil the fun of honest players. But in a SP-exclusive title? You are only spoiling your own, and only if you choose to.

So just grow a pair, eh? You’re online, watch some motivational videos, read an e-book on self-control, join a support group or something. Or just ignore the pressure to prove something by “playing like a badass” and admit to yourself that Ironman is not for you, nothing wrong with that. I don’t play it myself (because I find the game too random and outside of player’s control for it) and still get loads of fun out of BB regardless.