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    Hi there. I’m playing the game in expert / ironman mode
    I’ve found out that if u mess up a battle u can alt+f4 the game and open it again
    the game will start over a little before the battle have started.

    the game on ironman should quicksave after each turn in battle so you cant cheat it like this

    now, I know… I know… you must be thinking if you are going to play like this why you just disable the ironman instead
    because I like hard games but I’M WEAK GUYS!! I’M WEAK FORGIVE ME!!

    well that’s it.

    Avatar photomekaerwin

    Unfortunately, then you could just alt-f4 at the beginning of every battle and back up the save to reload if all goes wrong. It would also allow people to fight partially through the battle, and if going well, back up that save to restart from. In the end, there are almost always ways to circumvent rogue like save systems. It really is up to you to discipline yourself. If you just can’t keep yourself from save scumming, play ironman at a lower difficulty. Even beginner can pose some challenge when all choices are final. It may be that you are just facing too much of a challenge. Just remember, games are for fun, not validation. If you enjoy playing with reload, then don’t play ironman. It doesn’t make you less of a person. Personally, I have saves that are ironman running along side my saves that are regular. That way I can play a little bit in ironman (which I really take my time on decision making and is a little more tense) and when I start to get burned out, play some on regular saves.

    Avatar photoMike

    Seriously, what’s with people asking the devs for solutions to their own personal issues?

    There is NO way to prevent people from cheating in a game, as any competitive (or not) online player will attest to. The most that can be done is to make it inconvenient/complicated/punishing enough that most people won’t find it feasible, and even then you need to constantly monitor the situation, because some people will never stop trying, if only for the s*its and giggles.

    At least with online titles there is a good reason to put that effort to it, as cheaters spoil the fun of honest players. But in a SP-exclusive title? You are only spoiling your own, and only if you choose to.

    So just grow a pair, eh? You’re online, watch some motivational videos, read an e-book on self-control, join a support group or something. Or just ignore the pressure to prove something by “playing like a badass” and admit to yourself that Ironman is not for you, nothing wrong with that. I don’t play it myself (because I find the game too random and outside of player’s control for it) and still get loads of fun out of BB regardless.

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