Reply To: Some improvement ideas

Avatar photopengchi87

Additional ideas about the merchouses – could call them stronholds instead.

Player built strongholds that can house severely injured brothers(need to lenghten the heal time for severe injuries for this to work, and chance to heal permanent injuries by being nursed in strongholds-well of course cut off arm can’t be healed), and put them to work for additional income.
Also, brothers stationed in strongholds could gather nearby resources, make goods(bowyers make bows with woods, blacksmiths weapons, tailors clothes- stuff like that, currently, they just rely on random events to make things(what use are professions then?), and just takes up slots with bad combat stats. Trade crafted goods when caravans come by(if reputation is high enough), with messengers that have requests(quests) if repuation is high enough.

Wandering enemies might attack the stronghold from time to time, and if someone hates you, they could actively look for your stronghold and attack.