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    I did not know about this forum till now. I sent an email to the devs(using the address in the steam forum), but assuming that there’s a suggestion forum here, I though it would be more appropriate to post my ideas here. I’m sure other players post wonderful ideas here too, I’ll make sure I read them. Here’s a few that I came up with.

    1. More features regarding settlements
    A. Give players the ability to invest in settlements, adding structures or rebuilding destoryed ones.
    B. Expeditions to reclaim and rebuild settlements burnt down by grennskins or undead attacks.
    C. Build and upgrade ‘merc houses’ in the wilderness – to store goods. brothers that really don’t help much in battle can stay there and produce goods or train.
    D. Safe trade routes and abundant supply leading to population and structure growth.
    D-1. Population – More population means more trade goods, more recruitable characters. Food supply and road conditions, enemy attacks could influence population.
    D-2. Building Levels(currently there’s no way to know if a armorsmith has higher tier armor than the one in another town just by looking at them since there’s no difference) – Bigger, better supplied settlements could have better version of the same building, letting the player know where to shop.

    2. Roster limits & Roster management
    I know because of balance issues and combat time(more characters – more turns, too many brothers – easier battles) this one is really difficult to change. But I have a few ideas about it as well. Making an option to set combat speed super fast can be a solution.
    A. Sometimes when fighting hordes of enemies, 12 brother limit feels really unrealistic and ridiculous, and what do the reserve brothers do in the meantime? They don’t care about there brothers ganged up by hordes of goblins getting slaughtered? I’d say make the maps bigger and let the player take more brothers to battle, and put even reserve brothers in the map some distance behind the main brothers, making it possible to provide support by bandaging wounded brothers and/or shooting ranged weapons from far back.
    B. Battle sisters. I know this have been requested and discussed before. But I just put it to show I support the idea. In this harsh world, ladies might take up their swords too.

    3. The Battle Maps
    Battles in BB are mostly a lot of fun, and well made. However, sometimes I feel when looking at the maps “Who the heck decides to engage the enemy in such a disadvantageous position?” and “Why are the enemies meeting us in the plains even when we attacked them at their hideout?” Some maps are not plausible at all. Who launches a siege attack in the middle of a swamp?
    I suggest giving the player options to select maps from a randomly generated pool. Show 6 layouts of randomly created maps and let the player choose one. Or let us slide through set number of randomly created maps and choose one. Because in Ironman mode, running away repeatedly to avoid fighting in a severely disadvantageous position all the way to the map edges to pick a better map is NO FUN, especially when 40+ enemies chasing my brothers take up SO much time.

    4. Separate, speciallized perk trees
    Everybody have something they’re good at, or not good at, right? Different brother have different distribution of stats and different numbers of stars in each stats. But same perktrees for everyone? How about a newly recruited guy comes with a perkltree that specializes in two handed combat, with big hands and big body traits? How about someone with lots of ranged perks instead? In the current system, a fat, crippled brother can pick Nimble, Footwork with no problems. Isn’t that weird? Perk trees that reflects the traits of each brothers would make the game more interesting, and also stat stars that reflect traits. Such as big, buff guys can pick indomitable and have three stars in hitpoints, but frail, old guys cannnot. That would make more sense.

    5. ‘Hunt’ game mechanic
    This is a new one that I just came up with. I think it would be more fun to have the enemy(greenskins, undead, or opposing noble houses) chase the Battle brothers, sending armies after them. If they deem the player a major threat to their world conquest plan, it’s really natural and realistic for them to dispatch their best to annihilate the threat. This will make the game significantly harder, as the player has to worry about getting attacked by strong enemy forces while resting/on the road/doing quests/recuperating, and even merc houses getting attacked and wiped out. This can be remedied by reducing or even lifting the brother number limit, letting the players to handle inevitable casualties and injuries better, and making late game more straining and therefore, fun. Also in the late game, higher leveled recruits should available in big settlements, making it easier to handle late game casualties and giving incentive to invest in settlements if you implement the settlement management system.

    6. Modding
    Hard. I know. But a man can wish right?

    Avatar photopengchi87

    Additional ideas about the merchouses – could call them stronholds instead.

    Player built strongholds that can house severely injured brothers(need to lenghten the heal time for severe injuries for this to work, and chance to heal permanent injuries by being nursed in strongholds-well of course cut off arm can’t be healed), and put them to work for additional income.
    Also, brothers stationed in strongholds could gather nearby resources, make goods(bowyers make bows with woods, blacksmiths weapons, tailors clothes- stuff like that, currently, they just rely on random events to make things(what use are professions then?), and just takes up slots with bad combat stats. Trade crafted goods when caravans come by(if reputation is high enough), with messengers that have requests(quests) if repuation is high enough.

    Wandering enemies might attack the stronghold from time to time, and if someone hates you, they could actively look for your stronghold and attack.

    Avatar photoTercero

    Very resonable ideas. Especially i would like to support point 1 – just thought about it on weekends.
    Game needs more life in its domestic business, not just new enemies to seek.

    Avatar photolaViper

    Unique perk trees is really good idea, I’m also thinking about it cause it give a lot of new game experience if you take brothers with another backgrounds next time. It gives more options to make real thief or knight on early levels. As well some perks can be banned for some brothers like extra hitpoint for old soldier. It would be nice if some brothers could have unique perk – but of course it’s extra work for developers and may be appear “not soon”.

    Avatar photogalilleos

    I support point 3 !
    Another way is to add a better retreat mechanism, as restarting a fight will generate another map.

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