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Avatar photoAktenschredder

Jesus, they are hard. Keep getting attacked by bands of werewolves on like day 5 -_-

Can someone give me some pointers as to how to survive such an encounter???

You should count yourself lucky. In my first playthrough, I didn’t even manage to get to the second village before a werewolf pack hunted me down. Beat it but it was prohibitively expensive. By day 4 I had two battles against raiding werewolves under my belly costing me a total of 5 mercenaries including evyr single founding member.

Use Spear wall. Use shield and terrain to make you hard to
hit. Use sword and riposte skill to return more missed
blows than you could otherwise deal yourself. Terrain
advantage will give to-hit bonus for riposte. Once in
melee, concentrate on one opponent until his death
causes others to break, then hit with free attacks when
routing from melee.

Great theory, but the reality of a band of scrubs facing werewolves looks differently:
1. The wolves tend to have better initiative enabling them to close the distance before you get to set up spearwall or pick your terrain. You pretty much fight where you spawn. Or perhaps I was just unlucky that they spawned extremely close?
2. Your only advantage is that the wolves spend all their AP closing the gap which gives your band one turn to kill as many wolves as possible – after that it is shredding time. Scrub battlebrothers with mediocre equipment aren’t good at absorbing werewolf attacks. Casualties are unavoidable. If you are lucky, a wolf misses some attacks – if not you can only hope that you have a gravedigger in your band …

But please don’t mistake me – I had a blast with the wolves. Fun fights – just not very profitable.