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Avatar photoSky

Yep. Both would be very useful. Just not to overdo it.

Perhaps just like the skill for commander there could be one for tactician that would allow you to move units around in a 2×12 grid. Ofc only if you attack, if you are attacked at day perhaps to have like two units be able to move before battle, already had fights when a unit is separated by the hight difference in terrain or simply too far for no reason. And no effect at night or fog.

The only way to jup in an npc fight is to tail a guard unit, never managed to save any caravan. Besides there should be 1-2 guard with the caravan at least light armored with better weapons than knives. The ones that rarely are there, die from the first hits and you simply can not arrive to save the caravan master.

PS about the 25c upkeep people. Just found one with a weapon skill of 74 at first lvl. There are quite good ones both in stats and equip.