Reply To: Damn Werewolves

Avatar photoRyan

Hey Drew,
they can be very pesky. Be careful around forests as they tend to stick to the dark woods in the southwestern areas of the map.
Apart from that here are a few helpful hints from forum user Ryan:

Use Spear wall. Use shield and terrain to make you hard to
hit. Use sword and riposte skill to return more missed
blows than you could otherwise deal yourself. Terrain
advantage will give to-hit bonus for riposte. Once in
melee, concentrate on one opponent until his death
causes others to break, then hit with free attacks when
routing from melee.

On top of that armor helps a lot as they can attack often but dont have a very high armor effectiveness. Nevertheless they are always terryfying opponents :)

Claws have low AP eh? Will have to add that to my table…

It is odd; i’m on my second significant playthrough and i’ve not really fought anything but Orcs and Bandits yet.

(one 5 minute campaign consisted of getting jumped by a suprise group of 4 vampires and 3 fallen heroes right out of the gate…)

My first try was using spear rabble but my company never really got off the ground due to high turn over sapping my cash reserves and lack of achievable missions being offered. At one point I had several unarmed brothers on my rota who had to wait for weapons to be dropped in battle before they could meaningfully take part! Desertion of likeable characters caused me to abandon that game before I could really consider reviewing my ideas from the demo/LetsPlays.

My next play through went for quality rather than quantity, and having some heavy ‘rocks’ really helped in the first few battles – felt much more predicatable. Now, almost all my brothers EACH have a spear, an axe and a backup sword, plus helmets, armour and lots of utility perks, making it pretty easy ATM as I can freely swap to the right weapon for each enemy sub-type. I intend to go hunt down some werewolves to put my men to a proper test. Overall though, I think if you come up against werewolves it come down to luck of the map, more than anything.