Reply To: Damn Werewolves

Avatar photoRyan

Haven’t met the big red armoured Orc yet, no. Soon hopefully (he’s so dead!).

Was just thinking why werewolves are so horrible at the moment. From what i’ve seen of them in LP videos they just jump out of the FOW in one mass on turn 1, whereas in the demo they came often came at you individually almost. This was almost scarier as your men would often be spread out and vulnerable the wrong moment – a bit like how Vampires tend to attack. I really liked the way the werewolves would run off if injured. Seems broken though that they come back to be slaughtered – surely they should exit the map or hide until a battle-timer expires.

Are werewolves afraid of fire? Having your party able to equip torches would be a nice way of warding them off. I suppose you would have to introduce a mechanic in the game that requires you say to move from your deployment zone to the other ‘board edge’, probably through a defile or forest, so as to give the werewolves some chance to catch you unawares.

Right now, i’m predicting that If you can survive turn one and turtle (perhaps by sacrificing a couple of men) AND if you are lucky enough with the terrain then werewolves are just a weaker version of Orcs (no charge skill, no area of effect weapons, low AP).