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Will there be and Helmet attachments via crafting? e.g. fur lining

Hey Trappist,
of course we discussed this. The problem is, that compared to armor, helmets have very distinct shapes. So if I paint an attachment overlay for a full helmet it would probably not fit on a kettle hat.
Painting each attachment for each helmet means a ton of work for me and we can’t deal with that at the moment.

Maybe we find a clever solution someday.

Here is the ancient statue artwork from the last blog post in full resolution:

Hi Paul,

Just a thought on this, maybe only helmets with a full neckline could be flagged as suitable to be upgraded with craftables and others not.

This would include coifs and full helms for example but not Sallets. From what i can see they seem to have rather consistent neckline geometries.

Man i want that fur lining (because crossbow bolt to head).