Reply To: Damn Werewolves

Avatar photoHoly.Death

I am currently trying to win the last scenario (although game is crashing pretty heavily on me) and here are some of my tips:

– Use spears with shields and use spearwall formation before enemy closes. This should hopefully give you a few free hits. If you’re lucky. Spears give you bonus to accuracy too (and your guys don’t have grand accuracy to begin with).

– Make each character attack an enemy once: if you have multiple characters surrounding a single target it increases your chances to hit them as each attack adds to the Overwhelmed bonus. Works very well with billhooks.

– Sometimes it’s not viable to use every attack possible. Do use the Overwhlmed bonus. Better not to waste stamina on a miss and conserve strength untill you’ll be able to utilize it to the full. Fatigue is important.

– Heavy hitters should always strike as the last ones, to get full bonus (don’t be afraid to put them at the end of combat queque, you can always spend your actions later). When they hit they do hit hard, so make sure they aren’t all alone.

– Slashing weapons (such as swords) allow you to get riposte. You’ll attack once per each missed attack. And werewolfes do attack a lot and do miss a lot.

– Remember that you can make werewolves run in terror. So focus on killing their friends and loved ones to make some of them flee. One enemy dead and second fleeing are two enemies you don’t have to deal with at the moment.

– Good archers are worth their weight in gold as they can damage enemy before they engage and swith to secondary weapons if need be to help at the front line.

In the end the werewolves aren’t that much of a problem. Vampires is what I hate… They are hard to hit, they don’t die easily and they harass very well. And there are three of them. On top of 14 werewolves trying to swarm you.