Reply To: Suggestion: Access bios for the Dead

Avatar photoMalthus

This would also help to quickly remember what position you have to refill ;)

Also it would be nice to have something like the wall of the fallen of x-com. So that you can read things like <Name> from the village of #### fought bravely until he was slain by ####. These information are there already in the combat log, so they could be used you such a purpose.
Or <name> fell victim to his own fear as he tried to run from the fight he met his end on the spearhead of a young orc. (ok didn´t see them using spear til now but you get me ;) )

"I am a Paladin!"
>OMG, Malthus, there are no damn paladins in Battle Brothers...<
"OK, OK! Then I´m a wrecked down minstrel drunkard pretending to be a paladin, singing so wrong in the midst of battle that even the undead run in fear... Better?!"