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    I have a poor memory. I will look over the stats of my brothers when equipping them, but when they are dead and I see them on the battle summary screen – I forget what their background was and what their strengths were (except for maybe my 1 or 2 favorites… I don’t forget them). I would like to be able to mouse over and see their bio, or maybe better – be able to click on their corpse and see their skills and bio, what they were equipped with, etc.

    I think this would help with the flavor and story of the game, as so many faces come and go, a player can take a moment to remember the fallen if they felt so inclined.

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    A “graveyard screen” you can always access is absolutely planned :)

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    Avatar photoMalthus

    This would also help to quickly remember what position you have to refill ;)

    Also it would be nice to have something like the wall of the fallen of x-com. So that you can read things like <Name> from the village of #### fought bravely until he was slain by ####. These information are there already in the combat log, so they could be used you such a purpose.
    Or <name> fell victim to his own fear as he tried to run from the fight he met his end on the spearhead of a young orc. (ok didn´t see them using spear til now but you get me ;) )

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    Avatar photojimcrowley

    A “graveyard screen” you can always access is absolutely planned :)

    A great idea, for all the reasons given.

    Probably a bit of a stretch but having their ‘graves’ marked on the world map? Or maybe the battles marked on it?

    Avatar photoKalanar

    Easily accessible Graveyard screen, nice. The extra detail on death would be pretty sweet too as Malthus mentioned. Grave and battle markers on the map- I like the idea – but I can’t think of a way to implement it that wouldn’t clutter the map.

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    Markers on the map itself would stand out too much, but you could have clicking on the dead mercenary in the menu cause the screen to centre on the place where he died. Or you could have the graveyard as a full menu, with a little map next to the portrait of where he died

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