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Mob Ideas:
Aufhocker: A shape-shifting monster set on feasting on other’s blood. A challenging foe due to it’s ability to change into different beast, and it’s extreme attempts to tear out the throats of your brothers.

Nachtkrapp: A giant nocturnal raven-like bird, instead of feasting on innocent children, the all devouring bird will attack anything. Hard to fight with melee, and would attempt to devour any unlucky brother.

General Concept Ideas:
Kidnapping: The ability to kidnap a lone member of an enemy band. After crushing your enemies, if there is a single character left. Doing nonlethal or throwing nets on them, to capture and kidnap them. Allowing you to sell them off for money, or try and convince them to join you.

Beast Kidnapping/Taming: Similar to original kidnapping, but with the added process of breaking and taming the said beast. Though limited of course. Like a dire wolf could be tamed but take more than controlling a Nachzehrer, which would take the corpse of your enemies to keep under control or risk it turning on you.

The Insane Noble (Contract): You and your brothers are asked to handle a local noble that as slowly lost their mind, holing up in their settlement for long periods. They speak in tongues foreign to all and carry around this strange and twisted book.

Origins ideas:
The Slave Rebellion: You were captured and branded to be your master’s slave. You resented your master and day by day plotted to free yourself, other like-minded slaves dubbed you their leader. The three of you would flee during the night, forging a brotherhood between you. Now free but on the run, you’ll have to make money somehow. Raising a sword sounds easier than raising a farm.