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    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Lets have all the suggestion threads concentrated in this forum.
    As always, even though we might not respond to every single thread, we will read all of them.


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    Avatar photoGOD

    Sweet. Going to keep a list so that I can make a mega thread for my suggestions. :D

    Going to wait for feature list first though.

    Avatar photoMalthus

    Might be a good idea to relocate some of the suggestion threads from the other forum to the new one, once there is a little spare time.

    And some kind of updated “features to come” list would be good, so that we don´t again and again suggest things you already have on your plans ;)

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    >OMG, Malthus, there are no damn paladins in Battle Brothers...<
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    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    And some kind of updated “features to come” list would be good, so that we don´t again and again suggest things you already have on your plans 😉

    Its really about time as we get the same suggestions over and over again. But no matter how much we like certain ideas we cant just put them on our agenda. First we have to put together a solid and reasonable roadmap.
    We dont want to make false promises, so we have to take a bit of time to create this list before we show it.

    We have to test your patience a little bit more :)

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    Avatar photoGOD

    No rush. It’s better to hear that you have a clear vision on what you want to make, than just accepting every single suggestion we throw at you. Makes me confident that this project won’t die of feature bloat! (looking at you, Starbound)

    Avatar photoJago

    Thanks for doing this; hopefully it’ll be more clearly arranged from now on. Maybe move the most recent threads here.

    Just stay with the core-features you guys envisioned way back for now, and you’ll end up with a fine game. Looking forward to the roadmap!

    Avatar photofrank_will

    I remember reading in the FAQ, that you would have added quite a few statistics in game, I hope that is still planned and will come soon, but what I would like to see:

    -Number of kills
    -Accuracy per weapon
    -Damage Taken
    -Damage given

    And also I would like a page where I can still see a ranking of my brothers, also the dead ones, to try to remember the good ones that died in Battle.

    Avatar photoRap

    Yes, it’s absolutely still planned, but there’ll be other features coming first.

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    Avatar photofrank_will

    Nice to know, thanks Rap!

    Avatar photoshrine

    hello sorry but my english is bad.

    It’s perhaps possible to create sea in the world map with differents islands and harbors. If you have sea you have ships and news factions the pirates, you can attack the others ships or create news missions.

    In combat you can include back attack, because it’s more realistic and strategic, if the enemy it’s back you, you can’t protect you with your shield. The strategy is different with heavy armor your are powerful front of you or light armor you have a great mobility to go back in your enemy.

    The battle brothers can have a particular hability, RPG style examples :
    paladin : good fighter against undead
    thief : back attack is greatest
    priest : give bonuse against undead and heal
    beastmaster : good fighter against animal and beast
    merchant : best prices in shop

    News weapons :
    gun powder powerful near but expensive, and long to reloaded.
    fires arrows you can burns enemies and burns trees or others things can burns
    exotics weapons : katana,sabre
    siege weapons if you have plan siege attack ( fortress, tower)

    Avatar photoTOX444

    Love the Sea Idea. I think it makes good sence. You could have Pirates on land or sea and random events like battles with Large sea creatures, Octopuses, Mer-people, Pirahna type creatures. etc.

    Better hope you either have archers or cannons on the boat. lol.

    Avatar photoAmaximumace

    I love this game, in fact I got one copy for myself and another one for my brother. What I love even more is how the devs are still working on it and reading through suggestions. These are some of my personal suggestions…some, if not all, which I’m sure have already been posted by other players.

    Some rather big suggestions:

    1. Rivals – merc groups going around fighting and doing their own quests. This can be AI or player controlled. The neat thing would be that you dont necessarily have to play nice with them!
    2. Regions – different areas that are friendly/hostile with one another. This could go with an indicator that lets you know your standing with that specific region depending on what and how many quests you have accomplished, how reliable you have been with them, etc.
    3. Ability to raid or attack settlements. This could be tied in with the indicator above, with you gaining reputation if you attack enemies of a region or gaining infamy if you attacks a town that is friendly. This could also tie in with the first suggestion being that towns will put bounties on you if you have attacked or raided them.
    4. Fixed locations have the appropriate buildings as shown on the map. If you’re attacking a ruin, there should be collapsed buildings and torn walls as obstacles, etc.

    Other suggestions would be:
    1. Ability to determine starting formation/layout, unless you are the one attacked.
    2. More types of quests, armor, and weapons.
    3. Increase level and population cap, and expand skill tree.
    4. Ability to import/create your own colors for your flag and possibly even name the starting members.
    5. More types of unique enemies (goblins, dwarves, elves, etc)

    These are just some thoughts. I’ve read other good suggestions by other players too. Regardless of where you take the game, I’m excited to see where it goes and anxious to keep playing through the updates.

    -A very satisfied customer!

    Avatar photoquatrefoil42

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for making this game, really, been following this project since steam greenlight.
    The only reason I’m not playing it 24/7 is I reach a point, usually with two good billhook troops, a couple well armored 2 handed guys, and a mob of sword and shield wielders (archer’s optional) where it’s pretty hard to screw things up unless you’re dumb about terrain and being flanked. Even getting better armor isn’t THAT useful, because it slows my guys down too much.

    It would be awesome if there was a camp you could build at a certain distance from existing settlements where you could store excess inventory, store excess characters (and maybe they could train there with a sword-master while you’re roaming the countryside), and then have upgrades: pay to have fields developed to grow food, pay a blacksmith to make tools and repair gear while you’re away, eventually start spawning trade caravans that you would get income from IF they reach their destination. Just looking for the next step, and by all means make it a horrible money pit at first so I have a reason to save up every penny and take the really hard missions.

    Then, if I get wiped out (all but 1 character), I could go back to the place where my men and gear were and the show would go on. (there might even be a cemetery there, just spitballing). And maybe the local lord get’s irritated and sends one of those patrols to raze the place, so I have to spend money on even more horribly expensive fortifications which give you a terrain or position or number of troops advantage.

    Looking forward to the world interaction that’s on the dev list; in the end, it’s all about making the player feel relevant to the game world :)

    Thanks again

    Avatar photoTrace

    Just a Few quick suggestions:
    Could there be some way to organize our troops in a formation? As right now troops are just put in the order they were hired, with the exception of archers and long range weaponry being at the back. However I personally would like to organize my starting formation. For example I might want my light armored swordsmen to edges of the formation so they can flank the enemy.
    It would be cool to be able to put some sort of garment over your armor display your sigil or something. It could even give a slight buff to moral if everyone’s wearing the groups colors. This could be done by like a short of cloth overall that go’s on the armors or maybe a cloak.
    Hero Characters
    There could be very rare mercenary that have rare abilities perhaps even more base AP points or have a few unobtainable skills. They would obviously be very difficult to get and maybe only available though difficult quests and would also have high upkeep costs.
    Ending comments: Idea’s aside I think you guys are making a great game and i’m really happy with the direction you’re taking with it. Be proud.

    Avatar photoMonsoonmoon

    Huzah to the developers, I’m very much enjoying what you have all done to date.

    I would like to make a suggestion for the behavior of the enemy. At the moment they seem to to just charge headlong to their deaths on my shieldwall. It would be nice to see enemies using some tactics of their own. Advancing in a more organised fashion, shields to front, bill men and archers in the second line. It wouldn’t be suitable for enemies such as ghouls and the undead perhaps. The enemy always seems to want to advance even it is not in their best interests. Even having them sit back and force the player to attack there strong defensive position would be a nice change.

    Well thats my five cent,
    Keep up the good work.

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