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I got some suggestion for game (maybe as a new DLC) – New boss type: Broodmother – Big spider in Forest area with 5 eggs around company, 8 Webknechts and Spider boss Broodmother. If Broodmother kills somebody he will spawn 5 Webknechts after third turn. Broodmother can charge through units and can attack twice per turn. She can´t web anyone, but can paralyze one person for one turn. To kill her you need to get through her arachnid chitin (which will be balance question but maybe around 500 armor). Killing her, you will get 6 shields, which will have around 100 armor (Arachnid Chitin Shield) and 8 to 10 fatigue.

New Origin – King´s coming (or something like that) – One Disown Noble, One Swordmaster, Two Squires. You will be Enemy with one Noble house (not villages just that one big city) and it will be on you if you join another Noble House and retake your kingdom or you will try kill Noble House to retake it by blood. Some events could reflect from how world sees you. If you are good guy, another Noble House will help you retake your kingdom and will have really good relations with you, but if you are bad guy, other Noble House will help you retake it, but you would pay so much and even they will become after that (pay) enemies.

New Weapon – Torch – Increase vision in night times by 2. Durability 10 and you can try to set on fire somebody. Low chance to set on fire somebody (can act as off hand weapon). Fire will affect morale of enemy heavily.

New Background – Cook/Chef – Decrease provision eaten by company by 25% to 50% (bad in dmg but great in defense)