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XI) Berserker skill
Skill not always triggers. It should give 4 ap after killing an opponent once a turn. Secound time it happened not to trigger for some reason. BB_NoBerserk

Hm, seems to work for me. Is there anything else you recall about the situation?

XII) Knife
This weapon is the best there is. This happened more times. My sellsword decided to chop off the head of an archer and jumped to him. Big was his surprise when the archer took the knife out and ignoring ALL armor did damage straight to the healt of my guy. Yep, the nife that is “not made for combat” that should do 50% armor damage. Can’t say that this happens all the time, noticed this just once before mainly cuz people with knifes are usually beheaded in a single blow.

That’s the AI proving that knives and daggers are in fact not useless. Their ‘Puncture’ skill ignores armor at the expense of some accuracy and extra fatigue. The AI will use it against amored targets if the opportunity presents itself.

XIII) Attacking into a forest tile
Not sure if it is a bug or design, but attackign into a forest tile makes my band start just the same as when ambushed. Randomly placed around, and the enemy comes from all directions aswell. Since i’m the one who initiates the attack on the fort, I belive my troops suppose to have some kind of formation, ok maybe not lines but still not a random placement.

Working as intended for now, but something we may want to change in the future.

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