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backgrounds should be developable. Each one gaining unique things as you progress that backgrounds “quest” subtle but pleasant changes. And its been said i bet but make backgrounds have unique ability or element. Company commander bonuses. Maybe the teams owner of leader is ex soldier help with combat or trader gets better trade but holds a position not as fighter but as leader. Something in the form of prep before battles. Ability to fix some permanent injurys.
Be a necromancer slowly get stronger with “drafted” soldiers that degrade and sacrifices to unlock access to stronger units. Start with weidergangers level up to 1 or 2 honor guard or necros.
Own or start a settlement.
Attacks on locations feel lack lustre when u inevitably get a open plain or swamp. Maybe graveyard had tombstones. Or courtyard has choke point like spots.

Weapons can be altered something like a dead island. Like weighted hammer or added blades. Even sharpened or dull effects.