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A new day a new find.
I) Attacking a dead body.
If you fast press the skill button and then the mouse for targeting, you can do the skill twice even if the enemy is already dead after the first hit. This happens to me mostly with bows they are the attack type I spam a lot. Didn’t spam melee but will try from now on.
Can’t say its something to be dealt with since unless you spam the attack it does not happen, but still just to let you know it is possible.
PS Easiest way to see it is to get the “Perfect Focus” and just barrage an enemy with missle cloud.
II) No end battle 2
Just as I alt tabbed to post the I) after coming back and doing a finishing double kill, the same battle as yesterday did not end. It is a job battle given in the castle, this is an enemy bandit fort that spawns bandits who infest the woods around the village in the north.
BB_NoEndBattle2 files.
III) Crash
While fighting, my sellsword with the perk “Killing Frenzy” annihilated an enemy and gain the buff. So I decided to check what the buff tooltip says and crashed. Happens always.
BB_BuffMouseoverCrash files.
IV) Crash 2
So the other crash made me wonder if there were more skill tooltips that cause crashes. There are. At least this one. The skill “Footwork”. When mouseover the skill on the character sheet it crashes the game.
BB_Footwork files.
V) Missing skill
While activating all skills in battle, triggering effects to check the toolboxes found that the skill “Indomitable” is missing in the battle.
BB_MissingSkill files. No log for this one.
VI) No end battle 3
While testing the toolboxes was fighting a bandit group that was spawned from the job fort (II). Defeating them resulted in an other no end. The “retreat” worked, combat ended and half party died.
BB_NoEndBattle3 files.

All of those should be fixed now, although I wasn’t really able to test the first one. Maybe I’m not quick enough. Thanks a lot for your great help!

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