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Avatar phototscho

Hello everyone,
i got 2 suggestions

1. this forum needs a search function -.- couldnt check if that idea is allready present (i might be stupid though, maybe you could enligthen me)

2. this is the actual game suggestion.
i know that now with the dlc we have the poacher start with that perfect scouting of locations.
But i would suggest to be activly able to scout a location. The ídea is to be in the area for enough time to get informations.
this could be via event trigger or just reavealing the normal scout things.

because time equals money, this would not really break the game. it would just deliver a little more encouragement to tackle those locations, the scouting doesnt need to work all the time. Hey it could even critically fail. outcomes could be getting attacked (ambushed would be too much), the location getting reinforcements due to being prepared, or the camp could just vanish because they retreated (maybe an empty location).

we have a little similar mechanic with the chance that troops activly attacking you when you siege them. But i really miss a scouting option.