Reply To: Some Idears for the game

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Do agree with the first poster, those are nice ideas mostly tho not sure if all are needed.

-Like the underworld. Don’t see how it fits. Caves yes it’s fine, but a whole underworld seems far too fantasy.

-Some kind of a memorial should definetely exist with the fallen brothers small history. Perhaps a book of remembering.
-The religion thing is questionable. If the only purpose were to lift the curses, it’s useless. Blessing would be a bit too fantasylike again. And would become a chore thing where you get the buff every time it wores off.
-The base thing, well if Overhype wants it then so shall it be, if not I’m sure won’t miss it much. It definitely opens up a lot of possibilities and not less problems. The simple solution (if there are no plans for capturing settlements like M&B) could be a possibility of temporary camp. Where your band instead of just standing on the map, makes a small camp with basic defensive structures if attacked, maybe partially with wooden walls or baricades. This temporary camp would boost up the healing, repairing, slow down the food consumption, and very maybe give a small well rested bonus. Again a simple but useful mechanic, the crafting could be tied here aswell.
-About the individuality already wrote somewhere, agreeing on it.
-Not so sure about non combat skills. There will be non combat followers already, they should do just fine there is no need to overcomplicate things.

It will be if I understood correctly. So there will be a reputation system probably. And that is great. It can be used to punish for failed or dropped jobs. Noone likes it when you just walk away from responsibility or take on something unable to deliver. And it will open a lot other possibilities but perhaps it is a bit too soon to go into that.

Now this is what I can not understand. Why can you take only one job at a time. It’s fine that you can’t take two caravan missions. But what hinders you to deliver a message while escorting a caravan? Perhaps even having a fort mission aswell. There should be limits but not one at a time for sure. Maybe one of a kind. You can make the players chose to have one mission or more, by making the delivery and fort ones times. Like for example you are at day 1. And the message mission gives you 2 days to deliver, so when you hit day 3 it will autofail. With reputation it will even give negative. This way you do not force the only one mission at a time, but still make it hard to do and involve some planning ahead. You can even add some random encounters to some jobs that would give more money and reputation but you would have to fight some opponents on the way. Making the player be careful and chose the route wisely. These ambushes can even be scripted events that you can not dodge. When someone wants to intercept a caravan they will do it for sure, it is not hard once you know the route…

Combine this with my suggestion about jobs that makes you fight on the side of the guards against a threat and you get a lot of content more or less easily. The world will suddenly get lot busier and more dangerous. Your mistakes will have other consiquences than just losing sellswords. The players will be more leaderlike instead of simple gun ho attack everything you see, take all jobs you can, plunder every fort there is.

-Food could be a bit more expensive, so the healing supplies and ammo.
-There should be a way to get rid of excessive money lategame, with reputation you culd literally buy it for example, with player controlled settlements aswell. Maybe a legendary hero could come sometimes who costs insane amount of money.
-Some gossip like system would help a lot, to sometimes discover enemy forts instead of wandering around and following enemy armies in hope to find the beast lair.
-The npc bands should definitely more involved and have more patrols.
-Maybe add some mechanics for villages to grow and for humans to make new settlements roads and outposts. Could be ties to a lot of jobs and events.