Reply To: Some Idears for the game

Avatar photoSky

Few new skills:

Guard Break (Offence Skill, Tier 1-2): remove all defence maneuvers like: riposte, spearwall, shieldwall

You break all those with shield bash, stun, hook. Maybe something else. But could work as an universal skill for any equip setup.

First-Aid (Utility Skill, Tier 2-3): remove bleeding and regain 20% HP after spending all AP from healer and target (target must be 1 hex close to him) <once per battle? or resurrecting dead battle brother with 1 HP?>

Resurrection is too much, stoping bleed and maybe other debuffs could work not sure about heal it seems too gamebreaking. You do not regenerate any health when a bandage is placed on you. It is a spoil of the usual fantasy rpg like games.

Bodyguard (Defence Skill, Tier 2-3): take hit instead of other (target must be 1 hex close to him) battle brother

You can use “rotate” skill to get the guy out or “footwork” to zoning out. Would be way too easy to get 2 heavys standing behind a 2h attacker and just soaking in all the damage while the 2h guy destroys all.