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A post from the dual wield part.

Regarding Orcs with two weapons….take a look at the blog background/keyvisual hehe.
We’ll see. Im less hesitant to allow dual wielding fo Orc bersercs as it would be more fitting for their “over the edge crazy” style.

Now, it would be great to see things like this. You could add some bandit and village people who would throw a javelin while closing in, even shot a xbow. It is a valid tactic for players, npc-s could use it too. Even if it is only at the start of the raund and only one barrage, it would still be awesome. When destroying enemy shields they could grab a spare one aswell. Maybe give them some skills like the rotation so they can save their comrades, maybe taunt that would force your guys to attack the skill user. Even enemy specific buffs or skills like the orcs charge and the leaders roar.

The orcs have some nice weapons, the skeletons have shields tho only visual difference, some more of this kind of individuality goes a long way. Perhaps some simple color skins that only some bandits have, shields in colol unaviable to players on leader units. Maybe a bit more a little modified items that have same stats but have minor visual changes.