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I would like to ask what do you think about a possibility of a company banner created in cooperation with community. The basic idea is that through either voting or open brainstorming the players help to create a design of a banner that can later get drawn with your skilled hands and implemented in the game.

Hey Mike, sorry for not answering earlier.
Thats something I can’t deliver right now. As you suspected I’m fully occupied working on the new DLC.
Quite some time ago we already did something similar, I may miss some banners, but if I recall correctly these four were designed by players:

Forum Banners

Sorry i posted so late as i discovered this game a couple of months ago, and what really REALLY hooked me was the visual style of the game, i would say it’s the best i’ve ever saw since FF tactics, just registered to post this lol.

Thanks a lot man, great to hear that!

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