Reply To: MAP SEED system made me quit the game

Avatar photoBlacksteel

Sounds like you’re fired up from an RNG loss, and I feel that.

I am not against the idea of adjusting the minimum appearance threshold of certain add-ons.

For now, I view this “problem” as one of the many skill aspects of the game. I actually do investigate the map first thing (before naming my brothers) so that I can decide from Day 1 whether or not I am satisfied with the map. There is no information limitation, the fog of war is only in the wilds for a reason.

It also makes sense that you could speak to townsfolk and hear about what is available in other cities, but not hear about what is in the wilderness. This is an RP justification, and to be fair your criticism is mostly regarding the gameplay experience, but at the same time, battle brothers makes no claim to be an easy or hand holding game.

So ultimately….meh.

- Blacksteel