Reply To: No challenge?

Avatar photoJago

I hate level caps, so please don’t do that. I’d like to see harder enemies, or just more of them in general. There should also be something I can do with all the cash I have. I’ve been stopping by the castle frequently but no matter how much I help everyone the best I find is a mail shirt. At the beginning of the game the castle had full lamellar, now there’s practically nothing.

Yep yep yep. Have the same issue, just wanted to post about it. It’s not only the castle. All of the settlements do almost no item spawn.

Maybe it depends on how wealthy the settlements are i.e. how many caravans reach their destination. I have a save game in which I have hunted down many raiders and destroyed every outpost I could find. There’s not to much equipment in the villages, but the towers and strongholds have plenty. Recently I even bought a heraldic mail, the strongest armor I’ve seen so far, and there’s a lot of other end-game weapons as well.