Reply To: Early game far too hard.

Avatar photokstark

I bought the game yesterday and ended up in this thread after Googling “battle brothers too hard.”

I love the game, the graphics, and gameplay features, but it’s very hard to get into. It’s a cruel game world, where loved characters die more often and randomly than in Game of Thrones. There are not enough contracts in the start, and the enemies scale way too fast. I have zero funds, just enough to hire and feed men. Trading is no good, as prices give next to no profit. If you go exploring, undead and beast attacks completely wreck me. There simply isn’t enough to do, and no apparent way to increase in power, as units just keep on dying and resetting your progress while the day counter just scales up the competition further, and depleting resources. I’ve played Mount & Blade, XCOM and other titles without this kind of…lack of hope. Its not for me I guess.