Reply To: Defense Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoNewAgeOfPower

Personally, Return the Favor should be a passive, with reduced % stun probability. I like how the Utility and Offensive tree gives you an option between an Active and a Passive, both of which are fairly strong and viable choices.

I mean, my non-nimble thief tanks are going into melee, and either shieldwall/spearwall or attack or bash. No extra AP to Return Favor on that turn.

Fortified mind is rather useful vs Living Souls, that’s about it.

Battle forged is somewhat strong vs Archers popping off Quick Shots, but a few hits from a crossbow and your armor is still going to drop real quick. Plus, it doesn’t stop you from getting WTFBBQ’d by someone with a Greataxe, at all.

Rotation is insanely strong for keeping your frontline charged up.