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Ah. I just went through that thread, but it fails to present an useful counterargument, and a whole list of positions propping up my own.

“Encourages min-maxing”

Guess what. People who are going to min-max are going to do so regardless.

“blah blah blah Dark Souls” [paraphrased]

Are you joking? Dark Souls is one of the finest games made so far.

Optional Character Generation didn’t ruin JA2- it made it an even better experience. Although, JA2 didn’t let you start with advanced gear on your new dude.

“99% of people are going to start with triple 10th level Tauren Chieftain Badasses. Wahh” [paraphrased]

First of all, I’ve convinced a buddy to try out the demo, and he wants to role play the most outrageous things. Like a bunch of fishermen whose boats broke and they are now somehow mercenaries. Or a bunch of drunk graverobbers [lol] who hit gold and decided to become mercenaries. So no, definitely not 99% of people.

Secondly, you institute a point-buy system, so someone has enough points to buy 5 crippled beggars or etc et al.

“Control of the game play experience”

What, are you going to ban modders too? I believe the developers stated they would like the game to become a classic, and if it ever hits, say, Mount & Blade levels of popularity, I guarantee you that one of the top mods will be a Custom Character Generation Mod (if at all possible).

Its better to do it right the first time.