Reply To: Defense Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoSky

I would like to have more skills that directly exploits or is tied to the resolve stat, and the defense tree seems like a good place to add those type of skills.

Now this is truly a wonderful idea, to bind more perks to existing stats. This way the lvl up won’t be like melee atk, melee def, fatig. It will add in a lot of diversity. So far there have been only few skills that made me lvl up other stats than the usual. Colossus gave me a big enought reason to get in some hp ups since it is quite the beast for stacking with such backgrounds as farmhand. The dodge skill did make me lvl up the initiative since I wanted to try and was nicely surprised when it worked fine. Or in the utility tree the captain skill and the Rally the troops they both made it possible to lvl the resolve stat. So yes, i’d be happy to see more stat bound skills that make me lvl all stats instead of the usual 3. Cuz it is very specific to go for anything else, like the light assault unit who entirely depends on the evasive perks and is made for archer rushes and such. Can’t imagine many players will go for that type of play, since it is far more harder and needs a lot more consideration, caution, thinking through perks. Sure archers can lvl range atk and fatigue that makes 1 stat free but still… It’s so railed atm…